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Free Entitlement - Information

Your child will be eligible for Free Nursery Entitlement with effect from the Spring Term 2017.  


The government currently provides via TOSH a maximum of 15 hours Free Entitlement per week, for a total of 38 weeks per year, term time ONLY.  This is usually split into 14 weeks Autumn Term, 12 weeks Spring Term and 12 weeks Summer Term.  Please also note that KCC only pay the Free Entitlement for whole weeks (Monday to Friday). The 15 hours can be split between a maximum of two different providers.


As the Free Entitlement is for 38 weeks only and the school year is 39 weeks, there will be some terms where there are additional days outside the Free Entitlement.  These will be charged at the current Nursery rate.  


At TOSH we deliver the 15 hours Free Entitlement in 6 x 2.5 hour sessions (Morning session – 9.30 to 12pm/Afternoon session 12.45 to 3.15pm). This can be split into morning or afternoon sessions or a combination of both i.e.

5 x 2.5 hour morning sessions and 1 x 2.5 hour afternoon session

3 x 2.5 hour morning sessions and 3 x 2.5 hour afternoon sessions


Parents / carers may access as little (minimum. 2.5 hours) or as much of the 15 hours Free Entitlement in 2 ½ hour blocks, as they wish.


Nursery morning sessions are for 3 hours and the Free Entitlement during this time is for 2.5 hours, therefore, parents/carers whose children attend for the whole 3 hour session are required to pay for the additional morning half hour and additional services (snack, yoga, French conversation and drama) which are NOT covered by the Free Entitlement.  

The charge for the extra time, snack and additional activities is £6.00 per morning.  


Lunch time (12.00 -12.45pm) is NOT covered by the Free Entitlement and if parents/carers choose for their child to attend a morning and follow that through to an afternoon funded session on the same day, ie stay for the lunch session, this will be charged monthly retrospectively.  Parents are of course able to take their child home for lunch and return at 12.45pm , if they prefer.


The Afternoon funded sessions are 12.45pm to 3.15pm.  Additional charges apply again after 3.15pm.


Funded hours claimed at the beginning of each term will be fixed for the whole term (i.e. Autumn Term 1&2, Spring Term 3&4, Summer term 5&6), any adjustments can only be made at the beginning of the next new term i.e. Autumn, Spring, Summer.


For each of the 3 Terms there is a headcount week and children must attend ALL their free entitlement sessions during the headcount week or parent’s need to submit a letter to our office explaining the reason for your child’s absence, otherwise KCC may refuse to pay the free entitlement and parents/carers will be liable for the fees instead.


A separate funding form/parental declaration must be completed for every term; these will be handed to eligible children’s parents shortly.


Children can still attend for our extended hours i.e. 8 to 9am and 3.15 to 6pm, and any costs relating to these extra hours will be charged monthly retrospectively at the current nursery rate.


If you have any questions with regard to the Free Entitlement or how you wish to claim funding please speak to myself or Darrell.



Kerry – 12.09.17

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