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Our Ofsted Report

Following our last Ofsted inspection in May 2018 we were graded as 'Good' and we were advised that we were close to outstanding in a number of areas.  We have no weaknesses to address from the inspection.  


A couple of complimentary quotes from the report:


"Staff get to know individual children well and establish secure and trusting relationships

with them. Children have a positive sense of belonging and good levels of well-being."


"There are good opportunities for children to explore and investigate. For instance, they

participate in regular experiments, such as learning how to make erupting 'volcanos'."


"Staff establish positive relationships with parents and keep them fully informed. For

example, they regularly share helpful advice, such as healthy eating ideas."


"The manager and staff effectively evaluate their current practice together. For instance,

they observe each other as they interact with children and provide helpful feedback and

advice to support future practice and activity plans."



Please click here to view the full report of this Ofsted inspection